Getting Started

Adding LogRocket to your JavaScript app.


LogRocket SDK Documentation

Looking for documentation on the LogRocket SDK? View the API docs here.

Hi! Welcome to LogRocket :rocket:

LogRocket helps you fix bugs and understand user behavior by capturing logs and session recordings from your app.

Supporting Users

LogRocket makes it easy to reproduce user-reported problems. Easily search for user sessions and watch their session replays to understand the cause of every issue.

Sometimes, it’s unclear if a user is just confused, or actually experiencing a bug. By looking at the console and network logs from their session, you can easily make this distinction.

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Fixing Bugs

LogRocket shows you the top errors that are affecting users, and gives you video and logs for every bug report. Watching the video replay helps you understand what the user did to trigger a bug.

Network requests, JavaScript exceptions, and code bugs are all captured and replayed in LogRocket, and since the video is a faithful reproduction of the DOM, you can inspect the original HTML/CSS to understand and reproduce UI bugs.

Frontend Error Reproduction

Integrate with backend logging tools

When triaging backend errors, it can be unclear why the frontend made an unexpected request. LogRocket integrates with backend logging and error reporting tools to show you the corresponding frontend session logs for every backend error and log entry.

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Improving flows and discover UX issues

Since LogRocket records everything, you can intelligently find problems after the fact. You can search and filter based on events like show me users who did my onboarding but didn’t convert, or let our automated system detect moments of user frustration like rage clicks and broken buttons.

LogRocket lets you search and filter for sessions by properties like User Email, Name, Signed Up Date, Location, Status, Duration, Page Visited, and many, many more. If it happened in your app, chances are you can find it with LogRocket search.

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What’s Next

Learn more about the type of data the LogRocket collects to help fix bugs and understand user behavior.