Access Session URL

Access the URL of the associated LogRocket session

Every user session is associated with a unique session URL. See What defines a session? for information on what determines a unique session.

Use LogRocket.getSessionURL() to register a callback that takes the URL as a parameter. That URL could then be attached to crash reports or support tickets. See Integration for more details. When a new session starts, such as after 30 minutes of inactivity, that registered callback will again be triggered.

LogRocket.getSessionURL(sessionURL => {


Using .sessionURL directly

You can also use LogRocket.sessionURL directly, but this might return null in cases when the LogRocket script has not been fully loaded. Integrations that require synchronous execution can use this API. For example:

Sentry.configureScope(scope => {
  scope.setExtra("sessionURL", LogRocket.sessionURL);