Apple Privacy Questionnaire

When utilizing the LogRocket Mobile SDK in your iOS Application it will be necessary to answer Apple's Privacy Questionnaire for application submissions. This article presents a guide for how to answer this questionnaire with the LogRocket Mobile SDK installed.


The recommended responses provided in this article only accounts for general usage of our Mobile SDK for iOS. Data your application collects and other third-party SDKs are not covered by this article.

For more detailed information on the questionnaire review Apple's documentation on the topic.

Any content captured for our replay tool (presented on the screen or in network requests) should be taken into consideration when completing the questionnaire.

Data Collection Questions Recommended Response
Do you or your third-party partners collect data from this app? Yes, we collect data from this app
Types of Data Collected Recommended Response
Contact Info
Name βœ“ (if Identifying Users)
Email Address βœ“ (if Identifying Users)
Phone Number  
Physical Address  
Other User Contact Info  
Health & Fitness
Financial Info
Payment Info  
Credit Info  
Other Financial Info  
Precise Location  
Coarse Location βœ“ [1]
Sensitive Info
Sensitive Info  
User Content
Emails or Text Messages  
Photos or Videos  
Audio Data  
Gameplay Content  
Customer Support  
Other User Content  
Browsing History
Browsing History  
Search History
Search History  
User ID βœ“ (if Identifying Users)
Device ID  
Purchase History  
Usage Data
Product Interaction βœ“
Advertising Data  
Other Usage Data  
Crash Data βœ“
Performance Data βœ“
Other Diagnostic Data  
Other Data
Other Data Types  
Product Interaction Usage Questions Recommended Response
Third-party Advertising  
Developer's Advertising or Marketing  
Analytics βœ“
Product Personalization  
App Functionality βœ“
Other Purposes  
  1. Coarse Location is calculated from the device's IP Address. Collection of this data can be disabled when initializing the SDKs.