Capturing Web Views

Display the contents of a WebView in Android recordings

If your Android app uses a web view to render content from a URL, the view’s contents will be included in the mobile session playback as long as the following is true:
  • The app is on version 1.18.0 or higher of the mobile SDK
  • The Android SDK has been initialized in the mobile app (see docs)
  • The Web SDK is initialized in the rendered web page, using the same app ID as the surrounding mobile session (see docs)
  • The WebView has JavaScript enabled. Our Web SDK requires JavaScript to function and communicate with the Android SDK.
  • The WebView has been attached to the LogRocket SDK using the registerWebView function:
/** example: */

final WebView myWebView = rootView.findViewById(;
/** example: */

val myWebView: WebView = rootView.findViewById(;

The events we record for web sessions (clicks, site navigation, etc.) will appear alongside mobile events in session playback. The linked recordings will only count as a single session against your quota.