Alerting on Timeseries

Alerts on Timeseries charts allow you to trigger notifications when the value of one of your timeseries metrics exceeds or drops below a threshold that you have configured. You can create up to 10 alerts and distribute them across any combination of your metrics.


Configuring an alert

Alerts are configured when creating or editing a chart. Currently, alerts are only supported for Timeseries charts.

Each alert associated with a chart can have a different type, destination, and a rule that triggers it. LogRocket supports four types of alerts:

1. Email alerts

Email alerts will send a message to an email address when an alert is triggered or resolved. You can use these alerts to notify a single user, or a distribution list within your organization. Emails are sent from [email protected].

2. PagerDuty alerts

LogRocket’s metric alerts can be used to trigger and resolve incidents in PagerDuty.

For full details, view the PagerDuty integration page and follow the in-app instructions. You will need to enable this via the Integrations page before the option appears within the Metrics alerts.

3. Slack alerts

The Slack alert type will deliver a rich message to Slack. Configure an incoming webhook integration in Slack, and paste that URL generated for that integration into the alert’s target URL.

4. Webhook alerts

Webhook alerts allow you to deliver an information payload to an arbitrary URL when an alert is triggered or resolved. The webhook payload contains the following fields:

statusstring"triggered" or "resolved"
alert_idstringA unique ID for an alert. This ID remains the same between multiple triggerings and resolutions of the same alert. Thus, it can be used to track the state of an alert over time.
project_urlurlA link to the LogRocket project
dashboard_urlurlA link to the dashboard containing the chart where this metric is defined
metric_urlurlA link to the chart describing this metric
reasonstringA human-readable description of the alert definition (based on the values in the alert_settings object)
alert_settings.thresholdintegerThe metric threshold defined for the alert
alert_settings.operatorstring"LT" (less than) or "GT" (greater than)
alert_settings.threshold_unitstringThe unit of evaluation for the metric
alert_settings.intervalstringThe time interval to evaluate the metric over
alert_settings.interval_unitstringThe unit of the time interval: "MINUTES" or "HOURS"