Extended Session Retention

Save watched sessions for 1 year. Available for Web and Mobile sessions.

Never lose a bug reproduction with Extended Session Retention. Starting January 18, 2024, LogRocket will automatically save all sessions watched by a member of your organization, up to 12 months from recording date. This is capped at 5% of your session quota each month. All unwatched sessions will be subject to your individual retention period.

This is available only for Pro and Enterprise SaaS plans.

What qualifies as a "watched session"?

A session watched by a member of your organization, for over 1 second. This does not include clips of sessions watched in Issue previews.

How can I find these sessions?

Our goal is to ensure reproduction links in your ticket management system continue to work, so you can solve bugs even after the retention has lapsed. Links will continue to work for sessions saved through Extended Session Retention, and you will be able to search session list using existing filters to find these sessions. At this time, there is not a separate folder or marking in the application to identify an extended retention session.

How do I disable this feature?

  1. Navigate to Settings, and then General Settings
  2. Under Extended Session Retention, click the toggle to disable
  3. Any previously saved sessions will remain archived. Contact us if you need them deleted.
  4. Going forward, sessions will only be retained for your specified retention period. You can check your retention period under Plans in the Settings menu