User Management

Add users to your organization and assign roles

Managing Users

Users are managed in the "Team Members" section of Settings. Only Admins can add and remove users.

Adding Users

If users log in with username and password, Admins can invite new users via their email address in the "Invite Team Members" section.


Standard User Roles

Admin: Admins have access to all areas of LogRocket and can access all settings

Developer: Developers can access all functional aspects of LogRocket, including playback and dashboards, but cannot delete apps or invite new members. This is the default role

Guest: Guests can only view a session if given a direct link. Guests cannot invite new users or access the LogRocket dashboard. Guest users do not affect the user limit

Removing Users

To remove a user, Admins can click the "Delete" option to the right of the user. Once a user is removed, they will no longer count against the organization's seat limit.


Enabling Single Sign On with Google

Admins have the ability to disable username and password authentication and require all users in their organization to sign on with Google. Instructions for configuring SSO via Google can be found here.


Role Based Access Control

Admins for LogRocket organizations on Professional Plans can create custom user roles with varying degrees of access. Instructions for using Role Based Access Control Can be found here.