LogRocket Metrics allows you to see how your users are interacting with and experiencing your app in aggregate over time. Metrics makes it easy to monitor new and existing parts of your app for errors, performance problems, or usability issues that can inhibit feature adoption and prevent users from converting.

Metric Dashboards

Creating a Dashboard

Dashboards can be created right from the LogRocket Metrics page. There is no limit to how many dashboards can be created within a project. Once on the Metrics page, you'll be prompted to create your first dashboard

You'll then see our dashboard creation pane. Here, you can choose whether to get started quickly with one of our Dashboard Templates, which come pre-filled with some suggested charts, or start with a custom dashboard which you can add charts to later.

Feature Usage dashboard


The Feature Usage dashboard includes an option for you to define a feature that you are interested in tracking. The selected filter will then be applied to all charts within the dashboard.

For example, if you are interested in user behavior within an Accounts section, you may want to apply the filter "Visited URL contains "/account"". You can create multiple Feature Usage dashboards for any features that you want to track.

Dashboard Privacy

Dashboard visibility can be set to either public or private. When creating a dashboard, you will have the option to give access to the Entire Team or Only Me. Dashboard visibility can be changed later on in the dashboard settings.

Subsequent dashboards can be created by clicking on the dashboard selection dropdown and selecting Add Dashboard (the option will appear at the end of the list of your current dashboards).

Filtering Over a Dashboard

Any LogRocket filter can be added to a dashboard. When filters are added, all metrics within the dashboard are updated to reflect those filters, giving you the power to analyze your data in a variety of ways.

Filtering a dashboard for sessions from LogRocket employeesFiltering a dashboard for sessions from LogRocket employees

Filtering a dashboard for sessions from LogRocket employees

Adding Metrics charts to a Dashboard

LogRocket offers three types of charts that can be added to a Metrics Dashboard - tables, time series, and funnels. Each of these can be added by selecting "Add Chart" from your Metrics Dashboard. More detail on the different types of metrics can be found throughout our documentation:


Dashboard chart limit

There is a limit of 25 charts per dashboard, but no limit to the number of dashboards you can create.

Saved filters in charts

Within the Metrics charts, you can utilize the Saved Filters you may have created for watching specific sessions. This allows you to reuse definitions across different parts of LogRocket. These can be used as filters across any of the Metric types.

Create metric from network request in session playback

You can also create a Metric chart directly from a network request within session playback. For more information, see the video below: