Positive Metrics Insights


Positive Insights are an extension of the existing metrics insights. While the regular Metrics Insights focused on issues that negatively impact your conversion rate within a funnel or on a specific page, the Positive Insights aim to highlight specific click events that may have positively impacted the conversion rate.

To obtain these insights, LogRocket looks at the cohort of users who successfully completed a specific funnel step or an entire funnel. We specifically examine whether there are any click events that "successful" users are more likely to have completed than "unsuccessful" users and highlight those within the Insights panel.


To access the positive version of the insights, click the "Positive Signals" button within the Insights panel below your metric chart.

Positive Insight Detail

You can also click through on a specific positive insight to see more data about the impact it had on your users.

For example, the above screenshot illustrates that users who clicked on the text "Help" are more likely to have successfully converted.

This could suggest that useful information to help users complete a flow is buried within helptext, and you may want to think about restructuring your page to make this information more visible.


Available for both Timeseries and Funnel Insights

Positive Metrics Insights are available as part of both Funnel and Timeseries Insights.