Metrics Insights

Funnel Insights

LogRocket Funnel Insights proactively provide information about why the conversion within a specific funnel may be suffering. It works by analyzing the sessions which have not completed the funnel (or a specific step) to automatically provide you with insights and potential issues which have affected those sessions.

These insights are available for individual funnels within the chart view.


Within the detail view of each funnel, you will notice two tables underneath. The Sessions list on the left displays a list of all sessions which started but did not complete the funnel. To the bottom right, you will see the Funnel Insights table.

This lists specific issues such as Rage Clicks, Dead Clicks, Exceptions, and Network Errors that we believe may have affected the conversion within your funnel. The number in the Lost Conversions column is the amount of sessions that we believe did not complete the funnel due to this specific issue.

You can then click into each issue to view a list of sessions which have experienced that particular issue.


You can also click on any step within the funnel to view the insights for users who have dropped off at that particular step, rather than viewing the funnel as a whole.

Timeseries Insights

Timeseries Insights appear on Timeseries charts that have been built with a 'Visited URL' filter. Using similar data science to the Funnel Insights, we are now able to provide you with Insights for users on the specified page.

We will show you a list of issues that we have noticed are affecting users who spent less than two minutes on that page.


You can click through on each issue to view a list of the sessions that have experienced the issue.