Funnels help you track the conversion rate between multiple steps or paths within your application. They can give you deep insight into problematic pages or sections where users might be struggling to complete a certain action and dropping out of a flow.

Building a funnel

Select "Funnel" as the Metric Type.

You will see a Funnel Steps section appear below. Here, you can define each step of a flow within your application that you are interested in tracking using the Custom Event, Clicks, Redux Action Type, and Visited URL filter types.

For example, suppose you are tracking a checkout flow. You might set up the funnel to look something like this:

You can also stack filters on top of the defined steps to refine the insights even further. Suppose that you want to compare the checkout conversion rates for different geographic locations. You can create multiple funnels with the same steps defined (there is a "Copy" feature available) and apply different filters over the same set of steps.

Understanding your funnels

After you create a funnel, there are a few different insights available within the chart.

Each bar show the number of sessions that have completed the specified step. The percentages between the bar show the conversion rate between each steps. In the example above, only 8 percent of users who completed the first step also completed the second step.

Below the funnel, you can see a list of sessions. This can help you get some qualitative insights about the conversion rates. You can click on each bar to drill down into the sessions that either did or did not complete each step depending on which insights you are interested in. You may be interested in viewing some of the sessions of users who, for example, did not click the "Buy Now" button but did visit the Checkout page to see if there are any patterns in their behavior.

Funnel insights

Not all users will complete your funnel. LogRocket can now help you understand why. Using data science, LogRocket automatically surfaces issues that have an impact on completing your funnel. For more, see Metric insights

Revenue in Funnels

You can choose to attach revenue values as part of your funnel. For full details, see here.