Databricks Prerequisites

Configure your Databricks destination.


  • By default, this Databricks integration makes use of Unity Catalog data governance features. You will need Unity Catalog enabled on your Databricks Workspace.

Step 1: Create a SQL endpoint

Create a new SQL endpoint for data writing.

  1. Log in to the Databricks account.
  2. In the navigation pane, click into the workspace dropdown and select SQL.
  3. In the SQL console, in the SQL navigation pane, click Create and then SQL endpoint.

  1. In the New SQL Endpoint menu, choose a name and configure the options for the new SQL endpoint, and click Create.

Step 2: Configure Access

Collect connection information and create an access token for the data transfer service.

  1. In the SQL Endpoints console, select the SQL endpoint you created in Step 1.

  1. Click the Connection Details tab, and make a note of the Server hostname, Port, and HTTP path.

  1. Click the link to Create a personal access token.

  1. Click Generate New Token.

  1. Name the token with a descriptive comment and assign the token lifetime. A longer lifetime will ensure you do not have to update the token as often. Click Generate.
  2. In the pop up that follows, copy the token and prepare to share securely with your support contact.

Step 3: Create a staging bucket

Create a staging bucket in one of the following cloud environments. Refer to our documentation on object storage for staging bucket configuration instructions.

Step 4: Gather the required setup information

For the data export setup, you will need:

  • server hostname
  • HTTP path
  • catalog
  • personal access token
  • staging bucket details
    • If you setup an S3 bucket, the bucket vendor is s3
    • If you setup an ABS bucket, the bucket vendor is abs. Additionally, for ABS buckets, you will be asked to provide the Storage Account Name configured in the staging bucket setup.

Visit the LogRocket Streaming Data Export settings page to complete the setup.

What’s Next

Learn about how to configure the Streaming Data Export integration in app!