LogRocket offers a two-way integration with Pendo.

Pendo Inbound:

LogRocket allows you to utilize features that have been defined in Pendo and use them as searches and filters for sessions.

In order to set up this integration, you must have access to the Integration Keys feature within Pendo. To enable, go to the Integrations tab within Settings and scroll down to the Analytics Tools section. From there, click the Pendo logo and follow the in-app instructions to enter your key:


After the integration is enabled, you will see a new Pendo filter appear within the main search bar on your dashboard. You can use this filter to search for the features that you have defined in Pendo and leverage LogRocket to watch user sessions associated with those features.


Please note that you may not see all of your features represented here due to some unsupported feature definitions in LogRocket.

Pendo Outbound:

You can also programmatically send a link to a specific LogRocket session to Pendo for display within the Pendo UI, as a track event.

If you are using the Pendo agent/client, you can add the following code snippet to your app to send a session link through to Pendo (client-side) and view it within the Track Events section:

LogRocket.getSessionURL(sessionURL => {
  pendo.track("Session Replay Created",

For full details on Pendo documentation, see here.