Frequently Asked Questions

A collection of users' frequently asked questions on general LogRocket topics.

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How does it work?

LogRocket is a JavaScript SDK which works by intercepting actions in your website/app, such as network requests, touch actions, and Redux events, and sending them to a remote server.

Each user session in your app is associated with a unique LogRocket identifier. These user sessions can be viewed later by navigating to an appropriate URL, which can be provided to developers via any of our integrations.

What types of app does LogRocket support?

LogRocket works with any JavaScript website or hybrid app (Cordova/HTML 5). We provide integrations for libraries such as Redux, but LogRocket will work for any app that runs in a modern browser.

Do I need to change my app to use LogRocket?

Nope! LogRocket can be added to any website. You shouldn't need to change anything in your app to add LogRocket.

How does LogRocket handle sensitive user data?

You can configure the LogRocket SDKs to obscure data that should not be sent to our servers. The SDK automatically obscures private fields such as passwords and credit card information. Refer to Privacy for more information on how to configure the SDK.

How much bandwidth does LogRocket use?

You can control exactly what information is sent to our servers. Depending on the SDK integration, LogRocket uses 1-10kb of additional data per minute.

What is the performance impact of LogRocket on my app?

The LogRocket SDK is a small shim on top of existing JavaScript APIs, and has a negligible impact on website performance. Long-running tasks are batched and performed on a worker thread. See Performance for more detailed information how we achieve this.

Can I test out LogRocket with localhost or a private VPN?

Yes! See Testing LogRocket in localhost for more information on using LogRocket in local development.

LogRocket is overwriting my stack traces during development

See Disabling LogRocket during dev for instructions on how to disable LogRocket during development.

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