Conditional Recording

Available as an add on for Pro and Enterprise customers

Many of our clients capture hundreds of millions of monthly sessions, making it difficult to store all sessions without significant infrastructure cost. LogRocket solves this problem by allowing customers to control which sessions to keep for troubleshooting and analysis.


Ideas for leveraging our filters to control the sessions you capture:

1. Capture clicks


Capture sessions where a user clicks on your 'checkout' button, 'add to cart' button, Support tools, and more.

2. Capture page(s) visited


Control session capture based on visited url, such as "record 20% of users who visit our checkout page".

3. Capture based on session duration


Capture sessions that are greater than a specified duration.

4. Capture network failures

Capture sessions that include errors, to better understand the root cause of these issues as well as the user's experience. Use the Network Request filter to capture:

  • Network errors
  • Specific request and response bodies
  • Slow network requests, using the 'duration' field

5. Capture error messages


Lookback Length

All recording record up to 30 second prior to the recording condition being met. Ie. if you have a rule to see "Visited URL contains /checkout", you'll see user behavior up to 30 second prior to the user visiting the checkout URL.

If you have any questions about this functionality, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or [email protected].