Data Collected

LogRocket captures various forms of data to help debug problems and understand user behavior

DOM video replay and user events (click, scroll, etc)


LogRocket leverages the MutationObserver API to capture "videos" of users in your app. We allow you to replay these videos to help get context on bugs, and understand user behavior.

Network request and responses


LogRocket instruments the XmlHttpRequest and fetch APIs to capture request and response data from your app, including status codes, headers, and bodies.

Performance data


We capture data such as CPU, memory usage, and bandwidth in your app to help you understand your customers' experiences. For full details on our capabilities regarding performance data, see Performance Monitoring.

Console and redux logs


LogRocket automatically captures console logs, Redux actions and Redux state from your app.

All of these data sources can be sanitized for user privacy. See Privacy for more information on sanitization.

What’s Next

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