Hiding sensitive user information such as password, credit cards, and personal data.

We take privacy seriously and understand that there is a tradeoff between having enough information to solve a bug, and end-user privacy.

We designed our SDK to allow developers to determine what information to hide from LogRocket reports. We are constantly working to improve these features, so let us know if there is a privacy feature that you need which we do not support.

Exclude Data in Videos

Excluded data is never sent to LogRocket servers.

Data can be excluded using a data attribute of data-private or a class name of _lr-hide:

<div data-private>
  This data will <strong>not</strong> be recorded.

Form inputs

Add the _lr-hide class or data-private attribute to any input or textarea DOM element to prevent recording its input. Password fields are never recorded.

Remember to also exclude this data from your network requests.

DOM elements

Add the _lr-hide class or data-private attribute to any DOM element that you wish to obscure from LogRocket. All DOM elements which are children of a hidden/private DOM element will not be recorded.

Exclude network data

The LogRocket SDK can exclude request bodies, response bodies, headers, urls, and anything else sensitive from your session recordings.

See the network API documentation for details.

Exclude Redux state

Using a state sanitizer you can drop or redact individual keys or full subtrees of your frontend state store.

See reduxMiddleware() API documentation.

Exclude Redux actions

Using the reduce middelware, you can drop or redact sensitive state transitions.

See reduxMiddleware() API documentation.

LogRocket On-premise

If you prefer to host LogRocket on your own servers or private cloud for privacy reasons, contact us at