Integrating LogRocket with Datadog

LogRocket offers a two-way integration with Datadog.

Add Datadog link within LogRocket

With our Datadog integration, you can jump directly from an issue in a network request on the frontend into your backend traces to help you uncover the root of an issue faster.

Visit the "Settings" page in LogRocket and click "Integrations". Scroll down to find the Datadog card and follow the instructions in-app to enable this integration.

Once enabled, you will see a link to Datadog from within a network request in LogRocket:


This links you to a list of relevant traces within Datadog, with search parameters matching the timeframe and the type of request. You must be logged into Datadog to view the list.

Please note that this currently works for Datadog APM.

View LogRocket sessions from Datadog

You also have the ability to view LogRocket sessions from within Datadog.

Add the LogRocket session URL as a header to your API calls which have Datadog installed:

var recordingURL;
LogRocket.getSessionURL(function(sessionURL) {
  recordingURL = sessionURL;

// example API call
fetch(someAPICallhere, {
  headers: { 
    // other headers
    'X-LogRocket-URL': recordingURL,