Error reporting issues

Troubleshooting guide

Errors are not appearing

If errors you expect to see on your dashboard are missing, check the following.

  • If you're using Angular or another similar framework, make sure uncaught exceptions aren't being swallowed by ErrorHandler or another similar handler. The LogRocket SDK captures and reports on uncaught exceptions by wrapping your application code with a try/catch. If something else intercepts uncaught exceptions without re-throwing them, LogRocket won't be able to report them. The default implementation of ErrorHandler prints error messages to the console without re-throwing them. Errors will be reported correctly if you write a custom exception handler that re-throws caught exceptions or passes them directly to LogRocket.captureException().

  • If you're using Ember, make sure to send data from Ember.onerror into LogRocket.captureException().

If you want aggregated data about messages logged with console.error() to be surfaced in LogRocket error reporting, pass the console.shouldAggregateConsoleErrors option when calling LogRocket.init().