LogRocket Events Table Schema

Events table schema created by the LogRocket Streaming Data Export service

Event Schema

Column NameMetadata DescriptionType
event_typeOne of: customEvent, reduxAction, click, deadClick, navigation, exception, networkResponse, user, session, inputChangestring
app_nameThe app that all data in the table pertains tostring
user_idUnique user identifier either provided during identification or randomly assignedstring
user_is_anonymousAnonymous users are given a random unique user ID and can not be identified across sessionsboolean
user_identity_statusUnknown, Identified, Anonymousstring
user_nameName provided for the user during identificationstring
user_emailEmail provided for the user during identificationstring
user_traitsJSON string containing an object that maps a single user trait to its valuestring
session_idRandom unique identifier for the sessionstring
seq_idCounter that corresponds to an event in a session. For a given session_id and tab_id pair, subsequent events (rows) that happen in a session have higher seq_ids.integer
video_timeTime reported by the browser represented as a unix timestamptimestamp
updated_atTime we ingested the event, represented as a unix timestamptimestamp
session_timeTime of the event as reported by the user's devicetimestamp
custom_event_nameProvided name for the custom eventstring
custom_event_string_propertiesJSON string containing an object that maps a single custom event property to a list of string valuesjson
custom_event_bool_propertiesJSON string containing an object that maps a single custom event property to a list of boolean valuesjson
custom_event_double_propertiesJSON string containing an object that maps a single custom event property to a list of number valuesjson
navigation_hrefURL of the navigation eventstring
input_change_event_textNew text of the input fieldstring
input_change_event_selectorSelector of the input field being changedstring
click_hrefURL of the page where the click occurredstring
click_textText that was clicked (if present)string
click_selectorSelector path of the clicked elementstring
redux_action_typeProvided type for the redux actionstring
network_response_event_statusNetwork status code (200, 404, etc)integer
network_response_event_methodGET, POST, PATCH, PUT, DELETEstring
network_response_event_urlEndpoint URL of the network callstring
network_response_event_durationDuration of the network request (in milliseconds)float
exception_group_idNumber of the group the exception belongs tostring
exception_event_messageError message of the exceptionstring
exception_exception_typeLabel for the exception type (occasionally present)string
session_countryCountry of the sessionstring
session_regionRegion of the sessionstring
session_cityCity of the sessionstring
session_ipIP address of the sessionstring
session_deviceDesktop, mobile, tablet, etcstring
session_browser_info_hrefLanding page of the sessionstring
session_browser_info_code_nameShorthand name for the browserstring
session_browser_info_languageen-US, zh-CN, ja-JP, etcstring
session_browser_info_platformMacIntel, Linux x86_64, Win32, etcstring
session_browser_info_versionChrome 110, Safari 16, Firefox 109, etcstring
session_browser_info_referrerURL that drove user to this particular sessionstring
session_platformOne of "browserInfo," "deviceInfo," or "none". If "browserInfo" then the browserInfo* columns will be populated. If "deviceInfo" then the deviceInfo* columns will be populated.string
session_device_info_device_typeGenerally one of "MOBILE", "DESKTOP", "TABLET"string
session_device_info_device_nameGoogle Pixel, iPhone 13, Tablet, etcstring
session_device_info_integer_of_cpu_coresNumber of CPU cores of the deviceinteger

Format of landed data

Data warehouses & databases (incl. Snowflake, BigQuery, Redshift, Databricks)

Data transferred to data warehouses and relational databases will be loaded as properly typed tables within a single schema.

In addition, a special _transfer_status table will be loaded in the created schema to record transfer metadata, namely, a transfer_last_updated_at timestamp for each table.

Object storage (incl. AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, Azure Blob Storage)

Data transferred to object storage destinations will be loaded as Apache Parquet files in Apache Hive style partitions. This means data will appear in the following folder structure:



  • \<bucket_name> and \<folder_name> are provided during destination configuration.
  • logrocket_events is the name of the data model being transferred (this is equivalent to a table name in relational data destinations).
  • \<transfer_date> and \<transfer_timestamp> are generated at transfer time.

Spreadsheets (incl. Google Sheets)

Data transferred to spreadsheet destinations will be loaded as a newly created tab per data model. Where possible, the tabs will be created as protected tabs (or "read-only") to prevent accidental modification.

Comparison of original data export data to the Streaming Data Export

Old to new schema mappings

Below is a mapping of the old event types to their corresponding column prefixes in the new streaming data export schema. The specific fields will be translated from camel case to snake case.

Old Event TypeNew Column Prefix

Example event names translated to column names

For example, the metadata event below would have the following columns:

  "type": "lr.Metadata",
  "seqID": 9,
  "time": 1681406759856,
  "tabID": "911d320a-ab31-4b80-9f11-1c5ec1af5e59",
  "data": {
    "release": "48fc3710a6e3a02c0876f8a456ea8b5deeee34b5",
    "sdkVersion": "script",
    "scriptVersion": "16.265.0",
    "country": "United States",
    "region": "Virginia",
    "city": "Ashburn",
    "browserInfo": {
      "href": "https://staging.logrocket.com/pingdom/test",
      "codeName": "Mozilla",

Corresponding column names:

  • session_release
  • session_sdk_version
  • session_script_version
  • session_country
  • session_region
  • session_city
  • session_browser_info_href
  • session_browser_info_code_name

Data discrepancies by event type

The following fields for each event type are not present in the new data export stream but were present in the original version of data export.


  • type


  • userFingerprint
  • sdkVersion
  • sdkOptions
  • scriptVersion
  • scriptSrc
  • replayType
  • release
  • latitude
  • longitude
  • isInactive
  • timeToFirstByte
  • initialPageLoadTime
  • isLocalhost


This event type does not exist in the new data export stream.


  • eventId
  • groupId
  • culprit
  • filename
  • message
  • eventMessage
  • exceptionType
  • exceptionValue
  • groupHash
  • href

What’s Next

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