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LogRocket provides a comprehensive understanding of how users engage with and behave within your website or native mobile app. By combining session replay with product analytics and technical and usability issues, LogRocket offers actionable insights into what you can do to deliver the best experience for every user.


Solve User-Reported Issues

LogRocket makes it easy to reproduce user-reported problems. With over 50 filters and integrations with customer support, issue management and observability tools, LogRocket makes it easy to find any user session and understand the problem(s) a user encountered.

Autocapture of events and detailed technical telemetry in the form of console and network logs, errors, warnings, crashes and performance data helps you differentiate between usability problems, technical issues, and user error.

Understand a user's situation in seconds and help them resolve it in the moment, or give engineering teams all the tools they need to resolve a bug or technical error.

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Surface User Struggle

LogRocket surfaces both the technical and usability issues causing users to struggle the most in your app so that you can proactively resolve them before users have the chance to complain.


LogRocket's Galileo AI uses machine learning algorithms and large language models to surface the most impactful, actionable insights in natural language, while Issues Digests deliver the issues you care about most where you work: Slack, Teams, email, or elsewhere via webhooks.

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Optimize Conversion & Adoption

LogRocket provides the tools you need to track and understand changes in your KPIs. LogRocket autocaptures and tracks every event, page, and action without additional instrumentation.

Self-service product analytics allows you to measure the success of your KPIs and answer any question -- from engagement and adoption to conversion and retention -- in seconds. Then, validate behavior with session replays, or use Galileo insights to identify the behavioral trends driving changes in your metrics.

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What’s Next

Learn more about the type of data the LogRocket collects to help fix bugs and understand user behavior.