Adding a New Project

Create multiple projects to organize your session data

Organize your sessions by separating them into multiple projects. Each project will effectively function as a separate instance, with most organization-wide settings persisting across all projects.


Why Segment Your LogRocket Organization with Projects?

Customers commonly use projects to separate sessions from distinct environments. An example of project division would be having separate projects for your QA, Dev, and Production environments.

Creating a New Project

To create a new project, navigate to the LogRocket icon in the top left corner of the app and click +New Project.

Once you select "New Project", you will be prompted to name the project.

Setting Up Your New Project to Record Sessions

Once you've created a new project, we'll generate a new unique string for routing sessions to that project. If you look closely at the Logrocket.init() code snippet, you'll notice an additional string has been appended to the org slug.

Installation for this code snippet will follow the same instructions as your initial LogRocket installation. For more information on installing LogRocket, read this article.


Combining Sessions from Multiple Subdomains

Sessions that traverse multiple subdomains can be stitched together using our rootHostname propertyto give you a complete picture of the user's journey through your application. These sessions would be contained within one project.