In addition to click and heat maps, LogRocket provides scroll maps as part of session replay. These provide information about how far users are scrolling down on a particular page, which can be helpful in making UX and design decisions about the layout of information.

To view the click map or heat map of a specific page, you should be in the session playback part of the application. Pause the playback on a page for which you would like to view the scroll map. In the top-right corner, click the Insights tab and then select Scroll map.


You will notice a colored overlay placed on the session playback part of the screen. These colors indicate how many users saw a specific part of the page, with the legend in the panel on the right.


You can scroll within the playback itself. You can also move the bar that indicates specifically the number of users who reached a part of the page.

The panel on the right also includes a quick, at-a-glance summary of user behavior insights for the current page.


Filtered sessions and devices

The numbers for this data are pulled from the number of sessions within your current filter from the same type of device that interacted with this page, so they may not necessarily represent the entirety of visitors to your application who visited this page.

For example, if you are watching session playback for a user on a mobile device, the numbers you will see are reflective of the number of sessions within the filter who were also on a mobile device.